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Natural hydrating lip gloss with oils, waxes and vitamins, Miya Dusty Rose


Capacity: 9 ml

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Product description

Color, intense shine, care. Highlight the beauty of your lips with myLIPgloss! After just one application, the lips aresoft, smooth and hydrated. The effect of shiny, wet lips, without the sticky effect. From a subtle colour with a naturalshine to an amazing tempting glow.

Natural formula, minimum 99.5% of composition is of natural origin.

Light formula, does not feel heavy and does not dry out the lips. Gives colour, nourishes and smoothes the lips, with a long-lasting effect.

The convenient teardrop-shaped applicator allows you to precisely and evenly distribute the lip gloss, also in the corners of the mouth.

The natural formula based on oils, waxes and vitamins with its care effect hydrates, smoothes and nourishes the lips.

• Sunflower seed oils, castor oils – soften and smooth lips, make them shine.
• Rhus Verniciflua fruit shell and sunflower waxes – hydrate and nourish the lips, make them soft and silky.
• Shorea Robusta tree resin – creates a delicate film, smoothes and nourishes.
• Unsaponified fractions of shea butter and olive oil – have a strong hydrating and nourishing effect.
• Vitamins – vitamin E hydrates and nourishes lips, vitamin C has an antioxidant effect.

Shades that suit all skin tones enhance the natural lip colour.
Miya Dusty Rose shade: stylish, smoky pink.
Finish: gives colour and shine; light formula, non-sticky.

•Apply it solo – using the applicator, apply a small amount to the lips and you’re ready! With each subsequent layer, youwill increase colour intensity, coverage and shine.
•Apply it over myLIPstick- you can combine lip glosses with lipsticks, enhancing the colour intensity, emphasizing theirshade and adding an amazing glow to your lips.

Minimum 99.5% of composition of natural origin
0% unnecessary additives

Formula based on ingredients of natural origin, without unnecessary additives weighing down the skin. Dermatologicallytested. Vegan.

See ingredients Choose your color  Miya Miya Pure Rose Koleczko


Colour, shine and care. No sticky lips effect, immediate hydration, softness and glow.

Colour, shine, nourishment:

Natural formula
At least 99.5% of composition of natural origin.

Nourishing ingredients
Waxes, oils, vitamins hydrate, nourish, add shine.

Instant effect
Instantly makes lips beautiful, hydrates, smoothes and adds softness.

Gradual effect
Use it as you like – from delicately emphasized lips with a natural shine, to strong colour and effect of wet, seductive lips.

Convenient applicator
Spreads the lip gloss precisely and easily on the lips, including their corners.

Comfortable to use
Leaves no sticky layer, does not feel heavy on the lips. Light formula does not dry out.

Long-lasting effect
Stays on the lips for a long time and evenly “comes off” from the mouth.

Perfectly matched
Shades match all complexions, add depth to natural colours of the lips.

Easy to use
You can apply it on the go, without a mirror ☺

A perfect duo
Perfectly harmonizes with myLIPstick lipsticks- increases intensity of their colour and shine.

Nourishing formula:

Sunflower seed oil
softens and smoothes the lips, has regenerating properties.

Shorea Robusta tree resin
creates a delicate film, hydrates, soothes and adds softness. Smoothes the lips and has a nourishing effect.

The fruit shell of the Chinese Rhus Verniciflua tree wax
has a hydrating effect, makes your lips feel  soft and silky.

Castor oil
gives shine, has a softening and smoothing effect.

Sunflower wax
has a softening and nourishing effect.

Unsaponified fractions of shea butter
have nourishing and hydrating properties. Lips become soft and smooth.

Unsaponified fractions of olive oil
have a strong hydrating and softening effect.

Vitamin C
has an antioxidant effect.

Vitamin E
hydrates and nourishes the lips.

At least 99.5% of composition of natural origin
0% unnecessary additives

Formula based on ingredients of natural origin, without unnecessary additives weighing down the skin.

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myLIPgloss i #JestemGotowa!

Nałóż niewielką ilość na usta i rozprowadź delikatnym pociągnięciem –  dodasz ustom koloru i naturalnego blasku.

Nakładając większą ilość i z każdą kolejną warstwą wzmocnisz intensywność koloru, krycia i połysku. Osiągniesz efekt lśniących i wilgotnych ust, pełnych kuszącego blasku.

Błyszczyki myLIPgloss możesz też dowolnie łączyć ze szminkami myLIPstick wzmacniając głębię ich koloru, podkręcając odcień jednocześnie dodając ustom niesamowitego blasku.

Lekka formuła, nie klei się, nie obciąża ust – nadaje kolor, dodaje blasku, jednocześnie je pielęgnując.

Otwierasz, nakładasz…i jesteś gotowa!

myLIPgloss and all other Miya care products
will adapt to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle.


Change the effect the way you like

Natural highlighting full of radiance or clear colour and tempting effect of wet lips? Change your style during the day the way you like withmyLIPgloss! Do you love myLIPStick lipsticks? You can mix them freely with myLIPgloss lip glosses, combining them by colour or doing it totallyyour own way. Enhance colours of the lipsticks and intensity of glow on the lips just the way you like!

Color, shine, nourishment

myLIPgloss is another Beauty Makeup product – makeup + nourishment. It will  not only give colour and shine, but will also nurture and nourish the lips. With its light, non-sticky formula, it will hydrate, smooth your lips and make them soft. You don’t need to apply any pre-moisturizing products – myLIPgloss will do!

Fresh vacay look

Loose hair, sunny freckles, sun-kissed skin? Apply myBBcream, which will gently even out the skin tone and give your skin a healthy glow, naturallyaccentuate your lashes with myPOWERlashes, and brush your lips with myLIPgloss. Naturally fresh, light makeup that will make you beautiful and glowing.


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