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Natural all-in-one scrub


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Product description

Face, decollete, hands, body

Cleans, smoothes and tones the skin, leaving it soft to the touch.

95% of respondents evaluated the formula as mild enough to cleanse the face.
95% of respondents confirmed their skin was properly cleansed and prepared for further skin care.

mySKINhero – a natural all-in-one scrub for face, decollete, hands and body, based on natural and effective active ingredients: bamboo, macadamia nut and rice particles, sugar crystals, buriti, argan, macadamia nut, sweet almond and orange peel oils, vitamin E.

Visibly smooths the skin and leaves it soft to the touch – Cleans and refreshes – Moisturizes – Illuminates and makes the skin look more beautiful

Moisturizes and normalizes  sebum production – Brightens, restores vitality and glow – Reduces discolorations visibility – Smooths out small wrinkles – Improves flexibility, firms

During application, peeling particles from bamboo, macadamia nut and rice, as well as sugar crystals, effectively smooth and firm your skin, improving its elasticity. Buriti, argan, macadamia, sweet almond and orange peel oils moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch. Vitamin E helps delay the aging process and smooth out the wrinkles.

100% of natural origin
0% unnecessary ingredients

Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin. Full Ingredients list

Dermatologically tested. For face, decollete, hand and body. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It can be used by pregnant women. It is gentle to the skin and will not clog pores. Vegan. 

Size: 200 g



Natural all-in-one scrub. It works both, effectively and gently, and in many ways.

A must have in your skincare

A must have in your skincare
Bamboo and rice particles gently but effectively smooth your skin, cleaning even harder-to-reach places, like wings of the nose.
Thanks to well composed active ingredients, it is perfect for your face, cleavage, hands and the rest of your body.
No salt
It can be used even on sensitive skin, and after depilation. It will not irritate your skin.
Nourishes and moisturizes your skin
Thanks to care oils, it leaves your skin moisturized and soft to the touch.
Works instantly and effortlessly
You will see and feel the effects just after the first use.
Pleasant application
During application, you will feel smell of sweet oranges, giving you energy and cheering you up.

Natural ingredients

Bamboo particles
Gently clean and smooth your skin.
Macadamia nut particles
Effectively exfoliate your skin, making it smooth.
Rice particles
Gently scrub your skin.
Macadamia oil
Nourishes and smooths your skin, rebuilding its protective layer.
Sugar crystals
Effectively smooth and firm your skin, supporting fight against both, cellulite and stretch marks.
Buriti oil
Increases your skin elasticity, moisturizing it intensively.
Argan oil
Regenerates your skin, soothing its irritations.
Sweet almond oil
Improves cell renewal.
Orange peel oil
Has antioxidant effects. It adds energy and radiance.
Vitamin E
Improves moisture and nourishment of your skin.

100% of natural origin
0% unnecessary ingredients

Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin.

mySKINhero and #ImReady!

The hero of your daily skincare routine, in which you will fall in love at first use.
You can use it in many ways – as a scrub for your face, cleavage, hands and the rest of your body

Just apply on wet skin avoiding eye area, and massage in circular motions. Rinse with water and gently dry with a towel.

Your skin will be silky smooth, moisturized, with no feeling of skin tension. You can immediately apply a serum or cream.

100% natural ingredients, can be used by pregnant women.

For best results use 1-2 times a week.

If your skin or selected body parts need a stronger exfoliation, use mySKINhero on dry skin.
You apply, massage, rinse … and You are Ready!

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mySKINhero and all other Miya care products will adapt to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle.


Instant all-in-one scrub
Do you like to limit your skincare routine to minimum and love multifunctional cosmetics? You will love mySKINhero, which will instantly take care of the skin on your face, hands and the rest of your body. A quick shower does not have to mean compromise in your skincare! You apply, massage, rinse … and You Are Ready!

An evening ritual for a beautiful and smooth skin
Do you have more time today? Start by cleansing your face thoroughly with mySUPERskin oil. Then, do a gentle face massage with mySKINhero peeling, rinsing it with water. Apply a thin layer of myPOWERelixir and gently pat it into your skin. Sprinkle your face with a bit of myBEAUTYEssence and then apply your favourite face cream.

Moisturizing and exfoliating face massage
If you feel that the scrub is too strong or too dry for you, use two Miya cosmetics together: first apply a small amount of mySUPERskin oil on the cleansed face, gently massage it into your skin, do not rinse. Then apply a small amount of mySKINhero and make a gentle massage. Finally, rinse the whole face with warm water and enjoy smooth, soft and moisturized skin!


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