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myPOWERelixir Set


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Your favourite serum,  winner of  the In Style Best Beauty Buys 2017 now in a SET with „double” POWER:
Handy, smaller version pf 15 ml. Ideal for travelling. Always there when needed.
Bigger capacity, 50 ml,  for home use, for every day routine.

Glowing skin full of energy. Reduces signs of fatigue and makes the skin revitalized, firm, smoother and illuminated.
The energetic composition of 11 concentrated effective ingredients – natural antioxidants, vitamins and Omega 3+6 acids – is a true POWER ELIXIR for your skin.

On your skin, this highly concentrated texture changes into a delicate, silky, citrus-scented oil. It’s a product you can use every day in many different ways: For your face, under the eyes or on the lips as a form of serum, oil, a mask and a highlighter.

No parabens, silicones, mineral oils, paraffins, PEGs, artificial colours and propylene glycol.
Hypoallergenic. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and prone to irritation.
Cruelty-free product.   Not suitable  for the vegans because of the presence of beewax.

Set composed of:
1x myPOWERelixir Natural Revitalizing Serum 50 ml
1x myPOWERelixir Natural Revitalizing Serum 15 ml



Our own serum inspired by lifestyle and skin’s needs.

You will love our serum!

If you haven’t used the serum yet – don’t wait any longer! And if you have, it’s time to go on a higher level. One word that describes myPOWERelixir? Definitely POWER!

  • Adds energy and makes the skin more radiant
  • Lights up and brightens your face
  • Rejuvenates tired and grey skin
  • Leaves your skin smooth and soft
  • Reduces fine wrinkles.
  • Improves face contour.

MyPOWERelixir is a completely new approach to serum. Without limits!

Light and effective.
Use it daily, even if you have sensitive or atopic skin.

Made for you and your needs.
Use it instead of a cream and with it.
Use it on your face, neck, cleavage, delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, and even on lips.

So many ways you can use it!
Depending on application method, it can serve as a classic serum, oil, mask or even a highlighter.

Unique consistency.
Easy to use and ultra-efficient. You can apply it quickly and precisely, even in a hurry, or heat it up on your skin and turn into oil.

Power of ingredients

Chia oil
Rich in antioxidants, Omega 3+6, vitamins.
Bitter orange essential oil
Antioxidant. Adds energy and radiance.
Sweet almond oil
Improves cell renewal.
Plankton extract
Illuminates the skin.
Coconut oil
Regenerates the skin and slows down the aging process.
Orange peel wax
Antioxidant and firming effect.
Jojoba oil
Prevents signs of aging.
Mango butter
Improves skin colour and elasticity.
Rice oil
Rejuvenating and smoothing.
Vitamins E and F
Vitamins of youth, fight free radicals

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HIPOALERGENIC* Tested dermatologically. Non-comedogenic.

Good for atopic and very sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic.

Do it your way

Take a small amount and apply to the face, neck, cleavage, under the eyes and even on your lips as:

  • Revitalizing serum: Warm up in your hands and gently pat your skin with your fingertips.
  • Skincare oil: Gently massage into the skin with circular motions.
  • Beautifying night facial mask: Apply a thicker layer, gently patting into the skin.
  • Highlighter: Mix with foundation or apply a little on the areas you want to illuminate.

Suitable for day and night. For all skin types, including sensitive skin, prone to irritation. Can be used under the makeup.

MyPOWERelixir has a unique consistency that changes into oil when heated. Your product may have a more liquid consistency when opened. For a thicker consistency put your elixir in the fridge for a couple of minutes. Enjoy the power and pleasure of our serum every way you want!

Avoid excessive exposure to UV rays immediately after using the serum.

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will fit you and your lifestyle.


Give your skin some POWER after a hard day or a sleepless night. Removes signs of fatigue and stress, add energy and radiance.

Serum, oil, mask or maybe a highlighter? This small jar is all you need! It’s perfect and easy to use even in a hurry!

Cream base? Instead of cream? Use myPOWERelixir daily. Just how you like it. And you’re ready!

„We wanted to make a magic elixir that would naturally revive the skin, radiate it, make it full of energy and radiance. Effective as a serum but at the same time gentle as oil and easy to use every day in many ways.”

Ania & Ania from MIYA


The elixir works wonders! It illuminates tired skin, firms, smooths and evens skin tone.

In Style Poland

I apply it in the evenings when my skin is reddened and needs strong hydration. It also works great as a lip balm.

Kasia Tusk from www.makelifeeasier.com

myPOWERelixir has a beautiful smell. I was first surprised by the product’s consistency, but it quickly it turned into nice oil that works wonders on my skin! Now, my face skin is softer and radiant.

Monika M.

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