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Moisture Set Coco


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Product description

The MOISTURE set is all you need when the skin is dried out by the sun, sea water, air conditioning and holiday drinks. The combination of intensely moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing products will take care of even the most dehydrated skin, providing it with the maximum dose of substances that restore and maintain proper hydration. Use them every day, any time of the year!

MyBEAUTYessence Coco Beauty Juice essence, in the form of light mist, provides an additional portion of moisturizing ingredients, which are as effective as a serum. It contains low-molecular hyaluronic acid, vitamins, thermal water from volcanic springs, aloe juice and coconut extract. Use it as a moisturizing base and apply under the cream or serum.

MyWONDERBALM Call Me Later cream is based on shea butter and essential oils that regenerate and moisturize the dry skin of the face, under the eyes and on the neckline. It is absorbed quickly and is suitable for makeup. A thicker layer applied at night works like an Asian "sleeping mask".

Use myPOWERelixir whenever your skin needs intensive revitalization and immediate radiance. Applied directly on the essence, it maintains hydration of the skin and restores its natural glow. It perfectly highlights your holiday tan. Use it for the whole face, under the eyes and on the lips.

The set includes:
1x myWONDERBALM Call Me Later Regenerating and nourishing cream with shea butter 75 ml
1x myBEAUTYessence Coco Beauty Juice Active essence in a light mist of 100 ml
1x myPOWERelixir Natural Revitalizing Serum 15 ml
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