Micellar emulsion for make-up removal and cleansing


Capacity: 140 ml

Product description

Delicate micellar emulsion 3in1: for removing make-up, cleansing the face and washing the whole body. For all skin types, especially for people with atopic, sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. For use with or without water. Gently and effectively removes make-up, cleanses, soothes, moisturizes, softens and restores skin comfort.

Pleasant, creamy formula for daily skincare, does not affect its proper pH, is gentle on the eyes and intimate parts. Doesn’t make the skin feel tight.

  • Mild micelles: cleanse and refresh the skin.
  • Ceramides: moisturize and prevent excessive water loss.
  • Oat extract: soothes irritated skin, makes it soft and smooth.
  • Lactic acid: regulates the correct pH level of the skin.
  • D-panthenol: soothes irritations, restores softness.
  • Inulin: natural prebiotic, strengthens the skin.
  • Betaine: tones, nourishes dehydrated skin.
  • Natural oils (rice, sweet almond, olive): leave the skin hydrated and comfortable.

Multidimensional effects confirmed in application and instrumental tests:

  1. Effectively removes make-up.
  2. Gently cleanses, does not affect the natural protective barrier.
  3. Moisturizes, soothes irritations and calms redness.
  4. Prevents roughness and skin dryness, makes the skin smooth.

Apply to face and eyes, massage until make-up is dissolved, rinse with warm water. You can also spread the emulsion with a cotton pad and keep repeating it until the cotton pad is clean (without using water). If you want to cleanse your face and body of impurities, massage the emulsion into your damp skin and then wash it off. Leaves no greasy layer and prevents blurred vision sensation. Does not clog pores.

Use as: make-up removal emulsion, face cleansing emulsion or body wash emulsion, including intimate parts.

99% natural origin
0% unnecessary additives

Formula based on ingredients of natural origin, without unnecessary additives weighing down the skin. Dermatologically tested. Vegan.


Multifunctional micellar emulsion: make-up removal, cleansing, washing the whole body.

Caring cleansing

Emulsive formula with oils and ceramides for daily care of all skin types, including sensitive and atopic.

Gentle on sensitive eyes
Effectively and gently removes make-up. Gentle on the skin and mucous membranes, no blurred vision sensation. Can be used by people wearing contact lenses.

Use in many ways! As make-up remover, cleansing emulsion for the face and for washing the whole body, including intimate parts.

Pleasant to use
Creamy texture with a delicate fragrance, rinses off easily, leaves no greasy layer. Does not make skin feel tight, restores skin comfort.

With or without water!
Remove your make-up with mySOFTemulsion as you like. You can apply it on a cotton pad and cleanse the skin without using water, or rub it in your hands and apply directly to the face, then rinse.

Active formula:

Mild micelles
effectively dissolve make-up and sebum, gently cleanse and refresh the skin.

Sweet almond, olive and rice oils
nourish and soften the skin, leave it moisturized and with a sense of comfort.

prevent excessive loss of water from the epidermis, nourish and provide a feeling of regeneration.

Oat extract
makes the skin smooth and moisturized, soothes irritated skin.

D-panthenol, betaine
soothes irritations, restores softness and elasticity, supports dehydrated skin.

Lactic acid
component of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), regulates and restores the physiological pH level of the epidermis.

chicory root prebiotic, strengthens the skin.

99% of the composition of natural origin
0% unnecessary additives

Zobacz pełny skład

mySOFTemulsion and#ImReady!

Apply to dry face and eyes, massage it until make-up is dissolved, rinse with warm water.

You can also spread the emulsion with a cotton pad and keep repeating it until the cotton pad is clean (without using water).

If you want to cleanse your face and body of impurities, massage the emulsion into your damp skin and then wash it off.

Use as:

  • make-up remover emulsion
  • face cleansing product
  • washing emulsion for the body, including intimate parts

Use as the first or second step in a two-step skin cleanse. Or you can do both steps together, just using mySOFTemulsion!

mySOFTemulsion as all other Miya skincare products
will adapt to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle.


Perfect travel companion!

The multifunctional formula of mySOFTemulsion will save you space in your suitcase – take just one product and you may have the whole body cleansing done! You can use it to wash your hands and the whole body, including intimate parts, and also you can cleanse your face in the two-step ritual.

Without use of water

If you prefer to remove your make-up using cotton pads, you can clean the skin by applying mySOFTemulsion to a cotton pad – and repeat the operation until the pad is clean. Then, tone your skin with myTONIC or spray your face with your favourite myBEAUTY essence, apply myWONDERBALM and you are ready!

Multi-step facial skin cleansing

You can use mySOFTemulsion for multi-step cleansing as you like! As first step: remove make-up with micellar emulsion and then wash your face with myBEAUTYgel. As second step: after cleansing the skin of make-up with mySUPERskin  Oil or myCLEANhero Butter, use the emulsion to refresh and wash away the remaining impurities. #YouAreReady for the last step: toning!

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