Light makeup remover and cleansing oil


Capacity: 140 ml

Product description

Effective, fast, delicate. Doesn’t leave a greasy film. Doesn’t irritate eyes. Doesn’t leave skin feeling tight.

Natural oils thoroughly cleanse your skin of impurities, excess sebum and make-up without affecting its natural pH. Raspberry seed oil moisturizes and soothes your skin. Sweet almond, apricot kernel and Abyssinian oils and vitamin E nourish, smoothen and make it look glowing.

Apply every morning and night as:
Make-up remover oil: massage onto dry skin of your face and eyelids to remove make-up. Rinse off with warm water to remove all impurities. Result: Perfectly clean, relaxed and fresh skin.
Cleansing facial oil: massage onto moist skin of your face and rinse off with warm water. Result: moisturized, radiant, fresh, smooth and glowing skin.

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. For all skin types, including sensitive, prone to irritation and atopic skin. Non-comedogenic.

You will feel a nice and delicate raspberry scent during application.
Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin.   Full ingredients list


Size: 140 ml


for everyday skin care in all situations!

SUPERhero of your skin care

Why choose mySUPERskin? Because we think it’s super:

SUPER effects with no effort
It’s fast, effective, with no need to use cotton face pads or face cloth, and no greasy film. You can use it while taking a shower.

It’s SUPER delicate, even for sensitive skin
Hypoallergenic*. Can be used on sensitive skin around eyes and lips. Suitable for skin prone to irritation and atopic.

It’s also SUPER nice – you’ll want to use it every day
With delicate scent of fresh raspberries, it turns makeup removing and cleansing into pure pleasure.

Simply SUPER!

* Product meets the requirements of the compliance test with atopic skin and very sensitive skin (Skin Compatibility Test) and meets the requirements of the declared qualities of cosmetics with hypoallergenic properties.

SUPER ingredients

Raspberry seed oil
Moisturises, soothes and clams the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Apricot kernel oil
Deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. Tightens and increases elasticity.

Sweet almond oil
Improves cell renewal.
Moisturises and firms the skin, soothing irritations.

Abyssinian oil
Regenerates, renews and hydrates the skin. Prevents skin aging.

Vitamin E
Vitamin of the “youth”. Fights free radicals, nourishes the skin and smoothes wrinkles.

98% natural ingredients

Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin.  

mySUPERskin and… #ImReady

Makes life and everyday skin care easier.
You can use it every day (for day and night), in all situations – even on the go:

  • when you need to remove make-up quickly and completely
  • on ’no-make-up days’, when you just need to cleanse your skin of impurities and excess sebum
  • each time you want to quickly refresh your skin, making it full of energy and glowing
  • When you have a moment for yourself:
    Massage onto dry skin to increase microcirculation and improve absorption of active ingredients. You will feel your skin relax. Rinse off with warm water making sure your face is clean and… you’re ready!

It’s simple. Open, apply and you’re ready!


Due to natural substances content, sludge or haze may form. Shake before use. Store at room temperature.

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mySUPERskin and all Miya skin care products will adapt to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle.


When you overslept…
Massage mySUPERskin onto moist skin for express refreshment and energy boost. Apply myWONDERBALM to moisturise and nourish your skin. Foundation, a bit of blush on cheekbones, mascara and… you’re ready!

When you need the WOW effect…
Begin with mySUPERskin to refresh your skin and add radiance. Apply your favourite myWONDERBALM and then myPOWERelixir under the eyes for a more glowing look. Apply it also on the lips and cheekbones. You’re ready!

When you need POWER…
Massage mySUPERskin onto dry skin to cleanse and relax it. Rinse off with warm water. Dry it gently with a towel and apply myPOWERelixir serum. Remember about the skin under your eyes and lips. You’re ready!

“We knew one thing right from the start – it had to be SUPER!
As SUPER means something different for each of us, we combined all the things we both like best.
This is how mySUPERskin was created – our SUPERhero that not only makes everyday skin care easier, but also turns it into pure pleasure!

Ania & Ania from MIYA


“I love the effect this oil gives. It leaves my skin so soft, delicate and relaxed – perfectly prepared for further skincare routine. I use it in the morning and before going to sleep and I’ve noticed that it improves absorption of the cream and serum I apply afterwards”


“I like wearing makeup, but removing it has always taken me a lot of time and I never liked doing it… that is until I came across mySUPERskin. In just a second it removes all makeup, with no need to rub my skin. It also doesn’t leave a greasy film – just smooth, super clean skin”


“mySUPERskin has replaced all the makeup removing cosmetics I’ve been using: makeup remover, face wash gel and eye makeup remover. It’s really gentle, doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, is safe to use for the eyes and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight. I also love its raspberry scent”

Basia M


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