Intensive 7 day firming treatment succinic acid + peptides


Capacity: 7 x 15 ml

Product description

Skin typesAmpoules for all skin typesincluding sensitive. Especially recommended for maturedry skin lacking firmness and elasticity, with visible wrinklesCan be used around the eye areaneck and décolleté

Results can be seen after 7 days, as confirmed in application and instrumental tests:

  1. Natural liftingeffect:visible skin tightening and firming.
  2. Lessvisiblewrinklesoptical smoothing of fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.
  3. Skinregeneration:improvement of skin condition during sleep, in the morning the skin looks relaxed, radiant and smooth 
    to the touch.
  4. Improvingskin qualitysoftening and brightening the epidermis, skin looks flexible and firm.

​Careful selection of natural origin ingredients:

  • Firming complex 5.5% [succinic acid + peptidesis responsible for the natural lifting effect of the skin, reduces visibility of wrinkles
    and fine lines, including “crow’s feet” around the eyes.
  • Microalgae extract restores radiance and youthful skin glownoticeably moisturizescreating a lightflexible film on the skin, 
    the so-called “second skin” to prevent roughness and dryness.
  • Pullulan is a natural polysaccharide that provides the effect of skin tightening and firmnessvisibly improving the looks of mature skin.

Concentrated formula with a light consistencyAbsorbs quickly and does not clog pores. No added fragrance. 98% natural origin0% unnecessary additivesVegan.

Can be used as:

  • Intensive 7-day firming day and night treatment.
  • Single lifting shot whenever your skin needs instant smoothing and vitality effect.

I open, apply and I’m ready

Open the ampoulePour half of its content into the palm of your handApply on cleanseddry skin of the face, the eye areaneck and décolleté. Close the ampouleUse in the morning and evening. One ampoule is enough for two applicationsAfter the ampoule applicationit is good to use serum/cream.

​Dermatologically and ophthalmologically testedCan be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Expert series of natural cosmetics. Professional skin care at home

Application tests* confirmed:

After 1 use as a “lifting shot
According to 100% of people:
smooths, makes the skin look healthy and younger.

According to 90% of people:
provides natural lifting effect.

After just 7 days
According to 100% of people:
smoothes wrinkles and lines,
tightens and firms the skin,
 corrects and shapes face contour,
firms and tones the skin,
eliminates skin laxity,
•  moisturizes, prevents drying, supports skin regeneration,
 makes the skin look rested and younger

Apparatus tests** confirmed
After just 7 days:
• Reduction of the depth of wrinkles by an average of 13% (up to 23%),
• Increase in skin firmness by an average of 17%.
• Strengthening the skin’s protective barrier by 29% (reducing TEWL),
• Reduction of “crow’s feet” around the eyes.

* application tests under the supervision of a dermatologist
** instrumental tests carried out before and after 7 days of regular use of the product

Effective formula

Firming complex 5.5% [succinic acid + peptides]
provides visible effect of natural skin lifting, tightening and smoothing, reduces visibility of wrinkles and lines, including “crow’s feet” around the eyes, noticeably regenerates, adds vitality and brightens the skin, improves its colour

Microalgae extract
noticeably moisturizes, creating a light, elastic film on the skin, prevents roughness and dryness, leaves the skin soft and firm, restores radiance and youthful glow.

natural polysaccharide – provides the effect of tightening and firmness, clearly improves the quality and look of mature skin, has anti-wrinkle properties.

98% natural origin
0% unnecessary ingredients

Formula based on ingredients of natural origin.
Zobacz pełny skład

BEAUTY.lab Intensive treatment and #ImReady!

Intensive 7-day treatments in ampoules are careful selection of active ingredients and instant effectiveness.

To be used in the morning and evening on cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté, before serum/cream. Safe to use in the eye area.

1 ampoule is enough for 2 applications (day and night). Open, apply and closeit’s easy!

  1. Before opening, shake the ampoule and allow the contents of its head to flow downwards.
  2. Open the ampoule by breaking off the head (push the top of the vial with your finger until it breaks).
  3. Pour half of the content of the ampoule into the palm of your hand and spread it on cleansed, dry skin.
  4. Close the ampoule with the broken off head by turning it 180°.
  5. Apply to the skin by gently massaging it from bottom to top (following the course of the muscles). Massage until completely absorbed.

You can use the treatment all year round.

BEAUTY.lab ampoules and all other Miya skincare products
will adapt to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle.


Professional treatment at home

Before starting the BEAUTY.lab Intensive Treatment, apply a peeling product on your face, neck and décolleté. Then, pat in the tonic and pour half of the content of the ampoule into the palm of your hand. Massage for a few minutes, moving up your fingers gradually toward your forehead until all the product is fully absorbed. If you have more time, apply mySUPERmask Fabric Mask for 10 minutes and feel like you’re in a SPA! Finish your skincare treatment with the application of your favourite serum or if you have oily skin, just apply the cream.

When to reach for ampoules?

Sometimes we feel that standard face care is not enough to our skin at a given moment, e.g. after holidays, a stressful event or during the winter period. It is then worth giving it some extra care – SOS treatment, which will restore the skin’s healthy appearance in just 7 days. BEAUTY.lab ampoules are like special operations agents – adjust them to your current needs, then continue your skin care with one of BEAUTY.lab serums.

If your skin needs nourishment

Stimulate microcirculation and remove dead skin cells with myBEAUTYpeeling – massage your face for a few minutes and rinse it with water. Then apply half an ampoule of the BEAUTY.lab Firming Treatment and use it for 7 days, in the morning and in the evening. Apply the BEAUTY.lab Firming and Nourishing Mask at night. After completing the full treatment, use BEAUTY.lab Lifting Serum with plant retinol.


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