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Stylish sweatshirt with a message that will bring you luck!

We wanted our #ImReady motto to accompany you every day and that’s why we have designed the #ImReady magic sweatshirt.

It is just like MIYA products: stylish, universal and adapting to you and your lifestyle – no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Stylish combination of grey and silver makes it a perfect outfit in glamour version with stiletto heels, as well as in more sporty-like weekend look. And our subtle #ImReady imprint combined with a heart will make you remember that it’s always worth to move forward and believe in yourself. A real must have!

Buy our sweatshirt to help others and share good energy. We will donate 100% profit from sales of the magic sweatshirt until the end of June to support a chosen charity organisation.


Stylish sweatshirt with our #ImReady motto
that will bring you luck

Why will you love it?

Nice to wear and touch
You’ll want to wear it all the time.

Beautiful grey colour
Universal and stylish, looks good with everything.

Silver imprint on the front
Reflects light, giving the sweatshirt a multidimensional and stylish look.

A perfect match
Looks great on each body shape. Wear it with skirt or trousers. Wear it in or out. In glamour or sporty version. Just as you like it!

#ImReady motto and a heart
Both bring luck and good energy.

How to wear it?

You can wear your magic #ImReady sweatshirt every day in many different ways and looks. Our sweatshirt is universal and very stylish at the same time. It looks good in slim fit and as an oversize.

Perfect for all seasons of the year – in spring and autumn under a bomber jacket, and in summer for chillier evenings.

You prefer glam? Wear it with pleated skirt or leather trousers to shine like a star in the evening. Add high heels and some eye-catching jewellery.

At weekend it will look fabulous with jeans and ballerinas or even a maxi skirt.

At work wear a jacket over the sweatshirt to make it look more business casual.

How to take care of it?

Suitable for washing machine. Wash at 30°C.

Remember to wash it inside out.

95% cotton, 5% elastane


We believe there is POWER in each one of us
and that’s why #ImReady is an essential part

of MiyaCosmetics and our story.

#ImReady is the effect of our products, which will make you feel beautiful and ready to go in no time.

#ImReady has always given us energy and brought us luck with all projects – even the craziest ones!

#ImReady is internal power and motivation, courage, persistence and energy to pursue your dreams, always move forward and be ready for every challenge.

Be ready for everything you dream of, for trying new things,
for changes, success (and sometimes failures),
for being happy and feeling great every day.


Ania & Ania from Miya


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