Concentrated mask for hands and nails with 40 % complex of oils


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Product description

Nourishment, regeneration and hydration. Strengthening and protection of the skin against cracking and reduction of discoloration.

Daily skincare for all types of hand skin, including sensitive skin. Recommended as  treatment for rough and dry skin, as well as the skin dried due to frequent washing of hands and disinfectants, devoid of elasticity. Suitable for mature skin with visible spots, discoloration and wrinkles, damaged by UV rays.

Concentrated power of 40 % oils (avocado, coconut, soybean, olive and sunflower seeds oil) confirmed in application and instrumental tests:
1. Strengthens skin’s protective barrier, protects it against cracking and external factors (wind, sun, frost). Prevents the skin from drying out.
2. Regenerates, hydrates, soothes, smoothes, reduces roughness. After application, skin becomes soft and silky to the touch, stays hydrated for a long time.
3. Brightens discolorations and makes them less visible. Illuminates skin and makes it more flexible. The skin looks younger.

Use daily for hand care or as the third stage of HAND.lab hand treatment, along with peeling and serum. Put a small amount on your hands and spread it thoroughly. It absorbs quickly, is not sticky. No rinse.

98.4% ingredients of natural origin
0% unnecessary additives

For all types of hand skin. Dermatologically tested and under the supervision of a gynecologist, can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Vegan.

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Specialized series of natural cosmetics for hand care.

Results confirmed by tests*:

Already after 1 use** instrumental tests ** confirmed:
• increase in skin hydration by average of 116%
• increase in smoothness by 44%

According to 100% people, it left the hand skin pleasantly soft, silky to the touch.

With regular use *** the below was confirmed:
• increase in smoothing by average of 28%
• brightening effect, reducing visibility of pigment spots

According to 100% people
mask rebuilds and strengthens the hand skin, dried due to alcohol-based disinfectants and frequent washing

According to 95% people
• protective effect – protects skin against irritation, dryness and external factors
• skin looks visibly younger, helps to keep it looking young.

The product does not affect your skin’s natural pH.

* application tests conducted under supervision of a dermatologist
** instrumental tests carried out before and after 30 minutes after application
*** instrumental tests carried out before and after 3 weeks of regular use

Powerful ingredients:

40 % complex of oils:

Avocado oil
softens and smoothes the skin, regenerating effect.

Coconut oil
hydrates, regenerates, soothes and prevents drying of the skin.

Soybean oil
Hydrates and rebuilds skin’s protective barrier.

Olive oil
moisturizes, tones and supports skin regeneration.

Sunflower seed oil
regenerates and softens the skin.

Vitamin E
moisturizes and nourishes the skin, makes it flexible and soft.

Vitamin F
has regenerating effects and creates effective barrier against external factors.

98.4% ingredients of natural origin
0% unnecessary additives

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HAND.lab mask and #ImReady!

Put a small amount on your hands and spread it thoroughly. It absorbs quickly, is not sticky. No rinse.

According to 95% people, the mask has a rich but light formula.

HAND.lab Mask with 40 % oil complex should be used:
• daily for hand care, especially when the hand skin is dried due to frequent washing and disinfection
• as the third stage of HAND.lab hand treatment, along with peeling and serum.

Stage 1:
Peeling with oils that will instantly smooth the hand skin.

Stage 2:
Serum with prebiotics 2%, which will protect skin microbiome and have a regenerating effect. No rinse.

Stage 3:
Concentrated hand mask with 40 % oil complex that will provide long-lasting hydration to the skin and protect againstexternal factors. No rinse.

HAND.lab and all Miya skincare products will adapt to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle. 


Complete care for hand skin

When you are struggling with dry, damaged skin of the hands in vain – act thoroughly with HAND.lab treatment. Begin your skincareroutine with a special hand peeling with oils. Then apply the Serum with prebiotics, and once it is absorbed, massage the Mask into yourhands. Use the peeling 2-3 times a week, and the remaining products at least twice a day.

Evening ritual

At the end of the day, which was tough also for the skin on your hands – a day of cleaning the entire apartment, a winter walk withoutgloves, or excessive disinfection – give your hands some relaxation and hydration. Apply a thicker layer of Mask with oils on your handsand keep it for at least 5-10 minutes or longer, e.g. while watching your favourite series. Then, rub the remaining layer into the skin of yourhands and forearms or remove it gently with a tissue.

Don’t forget about elbows

While taking care of your hands, remember about your elbows! Skin in this area is drier and prone to dryness. When you apply and massage the Mask on hand skin, it is worth developing the habit of applying it to the elbows, too. Thanks to this, you will improve theirhydration and smoothing.


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