COCO BeautyJuice

Active essence in a light mist

Restores hydration and keeps skin moisturised. Smooths, soothes and improves comfort. Slows down skin aging processes.

myBEAUTYessence is an active complex of waters and plant extracts enriched with thermal water, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. A quickly-absorbing light essence that gives your skin many valuable substances without feeling heavy. Leaves your skin beautiful and glowing, with a delicate coconut scent.

 Coconut fruit extract moisturises, nourishes and tones the skin. Aloe vera juice soothes, moisturises and restores comfort. Thermal water provides the skin with valuable microelements and minerals. Hyaluronic acid restores hydration and keeps the skin moisturised. Provitamin B5 and vitamin B3 provide anti-aging effect, reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

Mist evenly on cleansed skin and gently pat in with your fingertips. Use every day in many ways: under your cream, oil or serum to enhance its effect; instead of cream or serum; as a moisturising make-up base; during the day to refresh your skin.

Use it on your face, skin around the eyes, neck and cleavage. Suitable for day and night. Does not leave a greasy film. Doesn’t feel sticky, absorbs quickly, non-comedogenic.

 No paraffins, PEGs, parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oils, and silicones. Hypoallergenic*. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types, also for sensitive skin, prone to irritation and atopic skin.
Not tested on animals. Vegan.

Size: 100 ml


enriches your everyday skincare and works in every situation!

Why active essence?

Active because of its effectiveness:
It contains active substances such as coconut fruit extract, aloe vera juice, thermal water, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid – all in lightweight consistency that absorbs fast without feeling heavy on the skin.

Active because you are active:
It helps you maintain beautiful skin with proper hydration and anti-aging effect – even if you have only a couple of minutes for skincare.

Active because it’s easy and fast to use:
Efficient atomiser makes mist application quick and pleasant. You can use it in many different ways – it will always match you and your lifestyle.
It’s simple: just open, apply and you’re ready!


Unique formula

Coconut fruit extract 
moisturises, nourishes and tones the skin leaving it smooth, radiant and glowing.
Aloe vera juice 
soothes, moisturises and restores skin comfort.
Thermal water 
gives your skin many valuable microelements and minerals.
Hyaluronic acid
restores hydration and keeps the skin moisturised.
Provitamin B5 
moisturises, soothes and smooths.
Vitamin B3 (niacinamide)
provides anti-aging effect, reduces fine lines and improves skin elasticity.

97% natural

Due to natural substances content, sludge or haze may form. Shake before use. Store at room temperature.

#Imready with Miya

myBEAUTYessence will enrich your everyday skincare with more active substances without feeling heavy.

How to use it? Choose your way!

  • under your favourite cream to enhance its effect: mist evenly to cleansed face skin, gently pat in with your fingertips, and finish off with applying your favourite myWONDERBALM;
  • under myPOWERelixir serum or oil to enhance its effect and increase absorption: mist evenly to cleansed face skin and apply serum or oil while your skin is still a bit wet;
  • instead of cream or serum: clean your face using mySUPERskin oil, mist myBEAUTYessence evenly and gently pat it in;
  • as a moisturising make-up or BB cream base;
  • during the day to refresh your skin.

Use every day on your face, skin around the eyes, neck and cleavage. Suitable for day and night.

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myBEAUTYessence and all MIYA face care products will adapt to the needs of your skin and lifestyle.


Perfect as a cream or serum base to strengthen its effect with additional active ingredients. Makes your skin look natural and glowing.

Take it with you everywhere, even in hand luggage. It will come in handy when your skin needs extra hydration and radiance.

myBEAUTYessence is perfect for a day without makeup, as it will illuminate and beautify the skin, and as your makeup base or BB cream.

„We wanted a product that would give us a quick effect when our skin needs an extra dose of hydration, soothing and active ingredients – and be super convenient to use, even on the go. We wanted a great makeup base and a product to strengthen the effect of our favourite cream, oil or serum. That’s how myBEAUTYessence was created – active essence in a light mist by MIYA”

Ania & Ania from MIYA