A brightening and moisturizing balm for body and cleavage


Capacity: 200 ml

Product description

Moisturizes, firms, smooths, makes discolorations less visible, adds shine.

Works instantly and effortlessly! After just one application, your skin is moisturized, velvety smooth and full of sensual glow. Discoloration and imperfections are less visible.

* 100% of people felt the effect of reducing unpleasant skin tension.
* At 95% of people, the skin seemed more luminous and full of glow.
Regularly applied, it improves moisturizing, appearance and condition of the skin, as well as illuminates and adds shine. Noticeably smooths, improves softness and elasticity. It also restores comfort and vitality.

* Increase in skin hydration by 35% in just 2 weeks.
Rich in precious butters, oils, plant extracts and vitamins. Mango and shea butter, sweet almond and sweet orange oilsthey all moisturize, smooth, leave the skin soft to the touch. Golden mica illuminates and adds a sensual glow. Aloe juice, vitamin E and provitamin B5 maintain the proper hydration of the skin and improve both, comfort and vitality.

Light consistency that spreads and absorbs quickly (according to 95% of respondents). It leaves neither a sticky nor oily layer on your skin and does not stain clothes.

Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, dry or grey, as well as the skin in need of moisturization, nourishment and a vital glow.

Size: 200 ml


A unique balm that will instantly brighten and moisturize your skin.
You will see the results after just one application, as well as during regular use!


GLOWme balm will make your skin moisturized, silky smooth and glowing. And you will look and feel both, beautiful and sensual. Every day, all year long!

#GLOWmeEffect on skin:

More beautiful, moisturized and healthy-looking skin.

Thanks to precious butters, oils and vitamins, the balm instantly moisturizes, firms and smooths skin. It noticeably boosts its softness and elasticity.

Illumination and glow

Mica gold particles subtly illuminate and reflect light, emphasizing the natural glow of moisturized skin. They make discolorations less visible and reduce imperfections.

The sensual fragrance gently completes the final GLOWme effect.


Powerful ingredients

Golden mica
Illuminates and adds a sensual glow.
Mango butter
Perfectly moisturizes the skin, boosting its elasticity.
Shea butter
Regenerates and nourishes the skin, increases its moisturization, firmness and elasticity.
Sweet almond oil
Stimulates cell renewal.
Sweet orange oil
Illuminates and adds shine.
Aloe juice
Soothes, moisturizes and restores skin comfort.
Vitamin E
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, supports its elasticity and softness.
Provitamin B5
Moisturizes, soothes and smooths.

96% naturalness.
Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin.  

Dermatologically tested

GLOWme i #ImReady!

A unique balm for body and cleavage, which will easily adapt to the needs of both, your skin and your lifestyle!

Works instantly and effortlessly:
It’s easy. You open it, apply it on your skin and you’re ready!

Comfortable and pleasant to use, even on the run:
Spreads easily, is quickly absorbed and leaves no oily layer. You can immediately put on your clothes or enjoy the touch of your velvet, wonderfully smooth and sensually fragrant skin before dressing up.

Comfortable, handy squeeze tube can always be with you, every day and at a big night out, in the morning and evening, take it with you to a trip, pool, gym or fitness training.

Feel confident and beautiful in your sensual, moisturized, naturally illuminated skin, always, every day, all  year long.
Massage the balm into your body and cleavage and be ready for anything you dream about.

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GLOWme and all other Miya care products
will adapt to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle


You want to quickly improve skin hydration
In winter, in summer, after the pool or fitness training … Apply GLOWme balm and massage into your whole body. You will see the first effects right after the application. Moisturized, brightened and more beautiful skin and … #ImReady

Not enough time for body care?
You are wrong! Put on GLOWme and don’t wait any longer! It is quickly absorbed, it is neither sticky nor greasy. You can immediately put on your clothes or simply enjoy your satin, wonderfully moisturized skin.

If you need the WOW effect
You can attract more attention to the cleavage or other parts of your body with a sensual glow of mica particles. Apply a thick layer of GLOWme and charm everyone with the glow of moisturized, smooth skin!

We wanted to have a balm that will make our skin perfectly moisturized, smooth, full of natural radiance, sensually satin, pleasant to touch, throughout the year, all the time.

It was supposed to bring immediate effects, without waiting for its absorption and without any greasy residue. Comfortable and quick to use.

This is how the GLOWme balm was created, with a wonderfully pleasant consistency and a sensual fragrance to feel and look beautiful, in every situation!

Ania & Ania from MIYA


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