3-minute smoothing mask with active coconut charcoal


Capacity: 50 g

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Product description

Fast smoothing, cleansing and hydration of the skin after just 3 minutes!

Gentle, pleasant and quick to use, easy to wash away, leaves no ‘tight skin’ feeling.

Formula with active coconut charcoal, white clay, grape seed oil, chamomile flower extract, vitamin E and provitamin B5.

After just one application, it smooths the epidermis, evens out skin tone, cleans  excess sebum, as well as everyday impurities. Lightens, brightens and makes your skin even more beautiful.

* 95% of people confirmed that their skin was cleansed of excess sebum
* 91% of people had smoother skin

Used regularly twice a week, it improves overall appearance and condition of your skin, calms redness and evens out the skin tone.

* 100% of people noticed improvement in overall skin appearance and condition
* 93% of people noticed improvement in epidermis smoothness

Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. It does not clog pores. Dermatologically tested. Vegan. Pokaż skład


A unique express mask that works wonders after just 3 minutes!
The effect of smooth, brightened and more beautiful skin.

Effortless care

Fast results – after just 3 minutes, the skin is smoothed, brightened and more beautiful.

Comfort of use – after washing up the mask, you feel no tension nor tightness of skin.

Caring formula with activated coconut charcoal, white clay, grape seed oil, camomile flower extract and vitamins.

Pollution magnet. Activated coconut charcoal acts as a magnet for unwanted substances on the surface of your skin, gently cleansing it.

Practical jar – you decide how much product you put during one application, nothing goes to waste.

Reusable – no need to worry about the stock of disposable sachets, so you can regularly take care of your skin.


Unique ingredients

Active coconut charcoal
Cleans impurities and excess sebum, eliminates skin imperfections. Unlocks and narrows pores, mattifies and evens out the skin tone.

White clay
Narrows pores and revitalizes the skin, refreshes, mattifies and nourishes it.

Grape seed oil
It leaves the skin smooth, nourished and perfectly moisturized. It increases its flexibility.

Camomile flowers extract
It has a soothing effect and supports skin regeneration.

Vitamin E
“Youth” vitamin. It fights free radicals, nourishes and smooths wrinkles.

Provitamin B5
Moisturizes, soothes and smooths skin.

Formula based on natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives that weigh down on your skin.  

myBEAUTYexpress and #ImReady!

3 minutes
It is enough time for you to feel your smooth, clean, brightened and refreshed skin again.
Just open the jar and use the mask as per your skin needs – for the whole face when you need an overall cleansing or only for selected zones that need more attention.

#ImReady with MIYA
It works instantly, in just 3-5 minutes. You can immediately apply myWONDERBALM cream, myBEAUTYessence or myPOWERelixir serum.

Thanks to this, the active ingredients in those products can penetrate deeper and can take care of you skin beauty more effectively.

You can combine myPUREexpress and myBEAUTYexpress masks freely, depending on the needs of your skin, providing the selected face parts with the right care.
Combining face masks the way you like, you do not waste anything, you use just the right amount.

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Effortless care
Not fancy spending lots of time in the bathroom? Use each moment for skin-care without effort – the express mask will work wonders when you brush your teeth, apply balm or … browse the latest e-mails.

A hard morning?
If you’ve had a hard night and in the morning your face cries out for help – 3 minutes will do with myBEAUTYexpress so that your skin glows again, looking fresh!

More beautiful makeup
If you take care of regular face cleansing, your makeup will look so much better.


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