offers a range of unique creams that suit you and the needs of your skin

Hello Yellow

face cream
with mango butter

Nourishment and moisturisation for your skin. And a dose of positive energy and good mood for you!

29,99 zł / 75 ml

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I’m Coco Nuts

face cream
with coconut oil

Intense moisturisation for your skin. And summer feeling and memories of the best holidays for you!

29,99 zł / 75 ml

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I Love Me

face cream
with rose oil

Nourishment for your skin. And a moment of pure pleasure just for you!

29,99 zł / 75 ml

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Call Me Later

face cream
with shea butter

Regeneration and nourishment for your skin And a moment of break from your intensive life for you!

29,99 zł / 75 ml

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global action creams with valuable oils and plant-based ingredients

Miya Cosmetics Składniki Masło Shea

In myWONDERBALM product range you will find:

Mango butter: moisturises and improves skin elasticity.
Rose oil: tones and brightens your skin, reduces redness.
Coconut oil: moisturises, regenerates and soothes the skin.
Shea butter: regenerates, moisturises and improves firmness.

They DO NOT contain parabens, silicones, paraffin, PEGs or mineral oils, artificial colourants.

Suitable for all skin types, day and night.

makes your life easier.
You open, apply and you’re ready to go

Miya Cosmetics Girl Applying Face Cream

With light and non-greasy QuickAbsorb formula, myWONDERBALM is easy to use and makes a perfect makeup base.

Miya Cosmetics - Kosmetyki - Krem Call Me Later - Masło Mango

Quick and effective skin care which works always and everywhere — even when you are in a hurry.

Miya Cosmetics - Call Me Later - Masło Shea

Sensual fragrances and stylish packaging guarantee the pleasure of use. This will be love from the first application!

adapted to the current needs of your skin and your mood

The needs of your skin change dynamically, just like your lifestyle.

Sometimes your skin needs moisturisation, and after a long and tiring day – proper regeneration or nourishment. Just like you: sometimes you need a moment of pleasure just for yourself, and at other times — some energy to give you the power to act. You don’t know which cream to choose? Buy them all 🙂

Miya Cosmetics - Zestaw I Want it All - Kosmetyki