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I open,
and #ImReady!

We create skincare, in which YOU are at the centre.

You use cosmetics the way you like, the way your skin likes it. Differently in summer, differently in winter, differently, when you only have 5 minutes for yourself, and differently, when you have time for a home SPA.


We know what #reallife looks like and we love to see how our products adapt to you, to your lifestyle, so that you can always feel beautiful with a minimum effort.

Beautiful skin

Effective action to make your skin radiant, full of natural glow and energy for you to feel self-confident and beautiful – because that’s what you are. Even if you have doubts about it sometimes.

Natural ingredients

We love nature! We use natural ingredients, develop the most effective vegan cruelty-free formulas and use packaging that is more planet-friendly.

Easy application

Because we know how important time is in everyday care, how uncomfortable the sticky consistency is, how annoying it can be to wait for the cream to be absorbed before applying makeup and the fact, that all of them usually have to be used separately.

Miya Cosmetics Brand 8

Mix and have fun with them!

We give you puzzles and you create the most beautiful pictures from them!
Without limits. There is no single scheme here – you can create many of them, depending on what you need at the moment. Because our own needs, our skin and hair’s needs change frequently.

Create your own routines, tailored to you and your #reallife.





Just as we love taking care of your skin, we love taking care of our planet, as well!

We focus on natural ingredients, more glass packaging, and in case of plastic, we choose the one made of sugar cane and from recycling. Most of our cosmetics are vegan and their production takes place without harm to animals, which is confirmed by the Cruelty Free certificate from PETA.

With us you can always say #ImReady!

It doesn’t matter if it’s about being ready to go out in 5 minutes or being ready to conquer the world – because for us #JestemGotowa is something more. It is the courage to be yourself, to live on your own terms and face challenges. We love it when you share your opinions and thoughts with us and say what else you are ready for!

It’s about you!

At Miya Cosmetics, YOU are the most important!
Thank you for being with us and creating the world of Miya!

Miya Team

Also editors love us!

“This is the essence of a woman,
Multitasking! “

“The best moisturizer
– Glamour selection “

“the Polish brand that will hit
the front pages of newspapers “

You want more? Come into our world