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Team MIYA – It’s about you

At Miya Cosmetics, YOU are the most important! Because for us, real women and their needs count the most. Team MIYA is us and you – all the people who use our products are with us on Instagram and Facebook. Together, we create the world of Miya.

Beauty products that match your skin and suit your lifestyle.

We are a Polish cosmetic brand inspired by the lifestyle of modern and active women like us. We want to look and feel beautiful without complicated beauty routine and hours spent in front of the mirror. That’s why we have created innovative skin care that fits your lifestyle and your needs. Our products will make you look and feel great. Without effort!

It’s simple!
I open, apply and I’m beautiful!


Miya Ewa 1 1

We wanted to create a line of skincare products that would make our skin look and feel beautiful.
Products that will give our skin natural radiance, freshness and energy – all this with minimum effort!

Our promise: Beautiful skin. Natural ingredients. No fuss.


Because we know that naturally radiant and fresh skin full of energy makes you look and feel beautiful and happy.


Because we never compromise on quality.
We love natural oils and plant-based ingredients.


Because we know that you value your time, so in your everyday skin care there no place for sticky consistency, waiting for the cream to absorb before applying makeup or using many different cosmetics separately.

#ImReady perfectly captures the spirit of Miya Cosmetics.

For us #ImReady is also about self-confidence, strength, energy and openness to new challenges and opportunities. We have repeated this phrase perhaps a thousand times and it has always given us the energy and courage to go on with our most incredible projects.

Miya Heart

We believe that you are beautiful by being you.

See our manifesto to find out more about the idea of ​Miya ​beauty. Share your story with us. Are you ready?

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I am ready to be myself.
This always makes me beautiful.

I am ready to live life to the fullest.

My cosmetics should match me, not the other way round.

I am ready to believe in myself.

Radiant skin gives me confidence in every situation.

I’m ready to leave …
in 5 minutes! Good moisturizing cream and a smile are what I need.

I am ready to be happy.

Happiness is the best cosmetic.

I am ready to do something pleasant for myself every day.
It’s about me.

What else are you ready for?


Thank You for being with us!